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Tyre Africa Services was formed in June of 1994. The purpose was to fill a gap in the market, whereby we could offer a ‘total’ tyre and wheel service. From humble beginnings where we started with only 10 tyres in our store, today we have become one of the largest independent tyre dealers in Pretoria. We pride ourselves in being able to offer and source any size tyre… from the smallest to the largest.

Tyre Africa has formed excellent relationships with all the major new tyre manufacturers including Continental, Dunlop and Michelin. We are also a supplier of Bandag retreads (one of the world’s leading brands).

Tyre Africa is built on a sound foundation of respect and loyalty to our customers, suppliers and staff.

Tyre Africa has a strong heritage and is proud of it’s long serving and loyal staff. Some of our staff and most of our clients have been with us since day one and in this day and age of fickleness and price competitiveness… We think that is quite an impressive feat!

Partners with

BestDrive is a preferred retail channel of Continental Tyre South Africa, Offering a complete tyre fitment solution designed to provide the best value, service and quality.


Passenger Car Tyres:

We offer a wide range of passenger vehicle tyres at competitive prices as well as recreational and 4×4 tyres. Whether you use your 4×4 to drive over gentle speed bumps or are about to traverse the darkest routes in Africa, at Tyre Africa we will give you the correct advice.

Free fitting and balancing of tyres purchased from us.
We have the right tyre for you at the right price.
ve a wide variety of mag rims on offer. If it’s a plain 13” mag you want or the latest 24’ Chrome Spinners, we will get them for you.

Truck Tyres:

Truck tyres and trucking is our specialty: We are able to service Joe’s Plumbers, who has one Bakkie, all the way to the large corporate logistic companies. Our links with all the local and imported manufacturers places us in the unique situation where we are able to offer you the world’s leading tyre treads. Our extensive involvement with Bandag, places us in the position where we can offer you the correct Application Specific tread for your vehicles.
  • Agricultural
  • Forklift Tyres
  • Earth moving and Mining Tyres
We are able to supply all size earth moving and mining tyres, from the smallest underground machines to the ultra-large dump trucks. At Tyre Africa we will source whatever you require.

Car and Truck Batteries:

 Probe Battery is a premium class maintenance-free automotive battery. Unlike other car and vehicle batteries, Probe Batteries are completely sealed with both battery plates in calcium. This unique battery provides you with a number of key benefits:
  • Absolute no maintenance
  • High performance
  • Long life
  • Great quality
  • Peace of mind
  • Totally dependable with an extended life expectancy
  • Truly sealed – Fit & Forget


We have a wide variety of mag rims on offer. If it’s a plain 13” mag you want or the latest 24’ Chrome Spinners, we will get them for you.


We are able to supply all truck tyres and rims. From the 16’ to 22,5’ super singles.

Wheel Repairs:

 We offer a mag and steel rim repair service. We can professionally repair most mag rims, truck rims, and even large earth moving and mining rims.

EVO Locking Wheel Nuts & Bolts

Evo Locking wheel nuts & bolts are manufactured and supplied to the following car companies.

Alfa Romeo, Audi, Chrysler, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jeep, Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Seat, Suzuki, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Quite simply the best locking wheel nuts & bolts in the business approved and used by over 25 different car manufacturers. The EVO wheel lock nuts & bolt range is manufactured to QS9000 and ISO9000 standards.

Only the finest raw materials are used to produce the EVO Locks and in most independent tests the EVO locks comes out ahead and shoulders above the competition. They have been salt spray tested for 300 hours and tested independently for security to meet and exceed the car manufacturers highest standards.

All EVO locks offer the below features.

  • Extremely difficult to remove without the correct key.
  • Replacement key available
  • Easy to fit
  • wheel balance unaffected
  • Available for most makes and models of cars and bakkies
  • Slip ring technology to prevent removal with a standard socket

EVO locks have been carefully designed with both safety and security in mind. They are light weight to match existing wheel nuts & bolts so that wheels do not require re balancing.

Our Brands



Wheel alignment:

Free wheel alignment check for passenger cars

If the wheels of your car are not aligned correctly, they could be causing premature wear on your tyres and suspension components. This will cause problems with your car’s handling, performance and the overall safety of the vehicle. Simple things like bumping into a pavement or driving over a pothole can throw your wheels out of alignment. It’s important to get this fixed quickly before it leads to larger problems

Truck Wheel Alignment

With our mobile truck alignment unit, we can do your truck alignments without your truck having to leave your yard.
Please phone for appointment.

Shocks & Suspension

The primary function of your car’s suspension and steering system is to allow the wheels of your car to move independently while keeping it stable and in contact with the road surface.

The suspension and steering system should be checked regularly for any play or uncontrolled motion. Worn or loose components, such as shock absorbers, steering rack-ends, control arms, ball joints, and stabilizer rubbers, will result in:

  • poor handling,
  • loss of stability,
  • excessive tyre wear and
  • Increased fuel consumption.

By doing a regular visual check of your tyres you can help to identify any problems.

Report any obvious or abnormal signs of wear to us at Tyre Africa or come in for your FREE suspension check

Wheel Balancing:

We are the wheel-balancing professionals. We can balance passenger and 4×4 vehicles.
With our new truck wheel balancer we are also able to balance trucks and busses.

On-Site Management:

Our dedicated and professional truck sales-staff are able to come to your premises and do a full evaluation of your fleet and vehicles. We can thus determine your current requirements and your future needs, helping your transport department to budget correctly. Through Bandag we are also able to offer you a host of web based tyre management solutions.

Driver Training:

Through the tyre manufacturers are able to give your drivers a short talk on tyre maintenance and tyre care.


Even if there is no sign of uneven wear, tyre rotation is vital to achieving even tread wear and long tread life. Rotation is necessary because of the uneven wear on each wheel position. A good example is Front Wheel Drive vehicles, which places braking, steering and driving forces on the front axle tyres. Rear axle tyres only receive braking forces resulting in a much faster wear rate for the front axle tyres. Tyre rotation is very important for longevity of tyre life.

Punctures & Repairs:

We are able to repair truck, light truck and passenger punctures. Please remember no tyre manufacturer recommends a repair on the sidewall of the tyre, and most manufacturers void the warrantee on their tyres once it has been repaired.

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Tel: 012 377 0150 or 1 or 2
Fax: 086 677 6422
Physical Address: 390 Van Der Hoff Road
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