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Tyre Africa, Leading Tyre Suppliers in South africa

Welcome to Tyre Africa. Formed in 1994, our aim was to create a professional tyre supplier. We specifically aim to reach the goal of offering “total” wheel and tyre services. What’s more, we also aim to provide our clients with the option to buy tyres of all types. We do this as per client needs and specifications.

Upon our founding, Tyre Africa only had 10 tyres in their store. Today, we have become one of the largest independent tyre suppliers in Pretoria. Our point of pride is our ability to source tyres of any size and type. Thus, we allow our customers to buy new tyres according to their needs.

This, in combination with our first-rate service, makes Tyre Africa your preferred choice. Come to us if you need to find tyres in Pretoria that are right for you.

We do tyres even if you spell it tires - we do it and we do it well.

One of the Leading Tyre Suppliers in South africa

Tyre Africa has formed excellent relationships with all the major new tyre manufacturers. These manufacturers include Continental, Dunlop and Michelin. We are also a supplier of Bandag retreads (one of the world’s leading brands). As such, we guarantee the quality of all tyres that customers that buy from any one of our branches.

At Tyre Africa, we have formed and maintained excellent professional relationships. We hold these strong relationships with many high-profile tyre suppliers. We stock such prestigious international manufacturers as Continental, Dunlop, and Michelin. Additionally, they make up just a few of the brands we have available. This makes us one of the tyre stores that are well supplied with products of high quality. On re-treads, we are also a supplier of Bandag re-treads, who are one of the world’s leading brands.

Customer Oriented Tyre Services and products

At Tyre Africa, we know that it’s thanks to the contributions of our customers that we were able to reach this point. The loyalty and support of our customers continues to humble us. We would not be a leading supplier of tyres in Pretoria, nor tyre suppliers in South Africa, without them.

In every branch of our tyre stores, we have created a sound foundation of respect and loyalty. We share this respect and loyalty with our customers, suppliers, and staff. In this way, those looking to buy new tyres need not look further than Tyre Africa.
Buy New Tyres with Heritage

Tyre Africa and its dedicated team hold to their strong heritage. It is proud of its long serving and loyal staff. Of whom, all dedicate themselves to providing tyres and tyre services. All this has been instrumental to our continued success.

Some of our staff and most of our clients have been with us since day one. With today’s level of competitiveness… We think that is quite an impressive feat!

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